What you will learn in this training..

  • Uncover how YOU have an incredibly influential roll in your child's musical journey ~ even if you have never played music before...

  • Early childhood (the time from birth to five) is a remarkable period in human development. Children’s brains, bodies, and abilities grow more rapidly than at any other time.​

As Seen on...

"Music is a universal language which connects us beyond the surface layers and teaches us about being, playing, and growing together​" ~ Phoebe Hunt


Phoebe Hunt

  • What is the best instrument to begin my child on?

  • Where do I find a good teacher to begin my child's musical journey?

  • What are healthy expectations for me to have around my child's musical abilities?

  • What is the best age for my child to begin playing an instrument?

Do not miss out the opportunity to learn how to grow with your child through music...

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